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Sanitary Ware optional focus on what? You should pay attention to what issues?

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How to buy sanitary small area of ​​the bathroom?
Ware Bathroom has toilet, bathtub, washbasin, shower room. For the small bathroom area, different ware have different purchase methods.
(1) toilet. Since the split pumping toilet tank only bulky, take up more space, but also more prone to bleeding in connection with the position of the tank base, drain phenomenon, so if the bathroom area is small, it is recommended to buy the best owner-piece pumping Toilet.
(2) bath. Recommended to choose small bathroom shower instead of a bath installation, because most small tub in comfort are lacking, frequency of use will be low after installation.
(3) basin. To save floor space, it suggests that the owners choose Column or the lower pick empty washbasin.
(4) shower room. First measure the space you can install a shower room, usually not less than 90cmX90cm shower room to meet the requirements of a normal shower, if space is insufficient, suggest that the owners only after installation of the shower curtain to be a top tube can, so not only saves space, but also reduce expenditure.
Bathroom furniture selection should pay attention to what issues?
Bathroom furniture purchase should pay attention to the material, protective performance, the inner space of the product, but also concerns other nuances.
(1) In the box, for example, to ensure the durability of the furniture together to maintain the family's health, the owners should be selected and waterproof in line with national standards of environmental protection E1 grade material.
(2) The key is to look at the furniture protective properties of the back protection, try to choose double decorative veneer rear b




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