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Renovated common bathroom industry give them big hoax

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1 See superficial give them the
Do "superficial", which is very important for sanitary products. In the eyes of many consumers, only superficial products will certainly not be a good brand, but for sanitary products, the success of the "superficial" is essential. Many consumers because they overlook the "superficial" view, ultimately be deceived by unscrupulous merchants, buy inferior products, suffer.
Surface, means sanitary ware glaze, sanitary ware firing process will directly determine the effect of glazed ware, imported glaze, enamel thickness of ware surface smooth and delicate texture fullness, sparkling, looks very uncomfortable. And this self-cleaning ability ware, flooding low. Under the water tank and the inner wall of high-grade sanitary ware also have glazing process, which is to prevent a dirty toilet is very important, but this process is very difficult, there were only a handful of well-known brands can do this, and the next water poured the glaze is to determine whether an important indicator of quality sanitary ware.
2, see the individual problems seeing is believing
Environmental protection, is today many consumers buy sanitary products, an important reference basis. With the environmental performance of sanitary products, can save a great amount of water in the bathroom. But it is to seize the consumer psychology of consumers, many unscrupulous businessmen often exaggerated boast, even though there is no selling environmentally friendly products, will be preceded by a variety of water-saving, safe, non-polluting, and other characteristics to deceive consumers .
In this case, consumers should be adhering to the "Seeing is seeing is believing" concept. Careful to view a book of bathroom products, including with regard to the drainage rate, hardware accessories, heavy metal content, etc., must be personally confirmed to be able to be completely at ease consumption.
3 See Qiaoshanzhenhu give them the
"Qiaoshanzhenhu", meaning at the time of purchase of sanitary products, knock listen, many flashy "paper tiger", consumers only need to knock, will be able to hear the transmission of the disease. Hand percussion ceramic surface, the sound is generally good ceramic material is struck issued more crisp. Sound crisp bathroom Product Description Material is relatively homogeneous, inhomogeneous material is not very crisp sound, there is a regular.
Not familiar with the sound texture quality bathroom products to consumers, but also by hitting the different categories of products to contrast, can be summed up in one sentence - mostly high-quality products and sound the same, but the sound is often inferior products each have their own strange. Meanwhile, for consumers to own different sounds in contrast, experienced a lot of unscrupulous businesses will listen to the voice of the consumer at the same time deliberately to guide consumers, must not be arbitrary believe exaggerate introduce unfamiliar business.
4, see the index would give them the water
Recalling Bathroom cases of complaints over the years, damage to the product is definitely one of the most common thing. Many consumers are buying products often use complementary Guoshuo month for six months, but suddenly cracking, smell, difficult issues such as cleaning, responsible to find businesses, merchants but for various reasons shirk.
In fact, the key cause of this problem is that the series of high and low water absorption. Ceramic products absorb some of the water permeability, the water is being sucked into the ceramics, it would produce a certain expansion, easy to make the glazed ceramic surface cracking due to expansion. Therefore, the lower the water absorption of ceramic sanitary products as possible, especially for the toilet, if high water absorption, it is easy to water, dirt and odor inhalation of ceramic, over time, could be to remove the odor.


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