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Sanitary ware prices are affected by what factors?

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Concerned about building materials store knows, sanitary ware prices vary widely, cheap prices as low as a few hundred pieces of sanitary ware, sanitary ware expensive high price to a few thousand or even a million units, sanitary ware prices in the end what factors influence? Why sanitary ware prices vary so much? these prices vary greatly sanitary ware and where is the difference? Here nest for everyone to further analysis to see if there is no reason to say nest.
One of the factors affect the price of sanitary ware: Ceramic quality and cost
Modern mostly ceramic sanitary ware, such as toilet, squat toilet, washbasin, bathtub, ceramics, quality and cost are an important reason for prices to be determined. Ceramic formula, firing process, the finished water absorption, appearance design, product performance, surface finish, etc. These are the evaluation criteria of a good and bad sanitary ware, which in each case to achieve very high quality and not easy first high temperature conditions it is not easy compliance only up to a certain temperature firing in order to achieve true porcelain, can only be called porcelain. A superior ceramic toilet both have a good "core" and also look good. Sophisticated technology in order to burn out the low water absorption of ceramic products, the appearance of moisture, frost resistance, smooth surface, easy to wash; carefully designed appearance brings beauty; good performance make water-saving toilets and both were clean and rinse . So ceramic quality and cost is an important factor affecting the price of sanitary ware.
Factors affect prices Sanitary Ware II: functional
Science and technology more and more advanced, people are increasingly seeking quality of life, functional requirements for sanitary ware more and more. A good sanitary ware products, we must have the perfect features to meet modern people's way of life, and the higher level of demand. In a more comfortable work hard, people feel science and technology of modern life care, singing their own toilet flip landing, seat heating thermostat, repeated washing with warm water, the temperature of the liquid crystal display function selection. Shape designed to meet people's daily habits and human ultralow lead water faucet - different functional but also doomed the price gap. Sanitary Ware more practical function more perfect, the higher the price.
The three factors of influence sanitary ware Price: brand
People buy things like recognize the brand selection, because I believe the value of the brand, in fact, sanitary ware is no exception, the greater the fame of some sanitary ware brand price is relatively high. I believe the truth should not be difficult to understand, like a Chanel bag price with a nameless brand package disparity between the price of the same, which is trying to create a lot of reasons for sanitary ware brand image. Brand marketing power should not be overlooked, buy brand sanitary ware, of course, provided that the brand is real value for money, or the blind pursuit of brand, do not ask practical value, it is worth the candle.
Factor that affects the price of sanitary ware described here, do not know whether you think the nest analysis justified it? I hope you can buy the most practical and favorite of sanitary ware, the price is not high, things are good!


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