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Inventory bathroom market selling point six

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For sanitary ware products, to inspire customers desire to buy, causing customer interest is very important, because the analysis of the sanitary products selling point is very necessary, with the fastest speed to cause the attention of consumers.
1, about design and style: As "from certain countries design inspiration, the unique design of a certain style; (Deng Yu teacher stressed the need here is recognized in the design industry design power, or the power of art, there are deep artistic heritage and other such countries; if situations such as "our design from Vietnam, reflecting the strong rustic", then, such a product for sell to it) "?
2, talk about process: such as "the use of the most advanced international one-time casting technology; a slip casting is a product formed by a set of molds directly molding work, so make the products have no joint seam, make the product more solid density more effectively so that no leakage of product use, no ventilation, truly absolutely odor. "
3, talk about details of the process: such as "glazed using secondary glazing, the glaze in the base for the first time; the second is high Wen Zijie glaze, high temperature crystal self-cleaning smooth glazed make dirt, bacteria-free attachment."
4. On indicators: such as "After the ceramic testing organizations, radioactive indicators in line with GB-6566-2001 to make products bright, smooth, wear-resistant, easy to clean in line with national standards, is a Class A green product, use unlimited scope. "
5. On the raw materials: such as "Taiwan's high-quality selection of body length cristobalite (mainland production, Taiwan-owned) raw materials; glazed by the United States produce zircon powder (anti-transparent) German-British production of pigment and additive; adoption Australia's most advanced computer-controlled technology glazed glazing thickness of 1,0MM mm above the ceramic surface is more smooth, the gap can not accommodate dirt and wash away the dirt easily, thereby achieving self-cleaning effect. "
6. On Accessories: water tank parts are made of high quality imported ABS engineering plastics, aerospace and aircraft windows with the same material the original pieces of water; drainage good sealing performance, watertight, low noise and so on. On the inlet valve has a filter. Suitable for a wide range of pressure, 0.5MPa to 0.9MPa, low pressure water speed, high-pressure water speed can be controlled.
Some ideas given here, in fact, each point can be expanded to talk about, is necessary according to the specific circumstances and customer communication, and in accordance with customer questions to be flexible.


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